Children’s entertainer

Children's entertaner. Solihull, Warwick, Coventry, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire

“What an amazing, talented, natural born children’s entertainer you are!”

“We saw you at our friend’s wedding reception when you entertained adults and children with stilt walking, magic, games and lots of fun. We knew when we had our daughter’s first proper party, that you would be the first person to call. You didn’t disappoint us and your ability to keep up to 30 pre-schoolers focussed and entertained is in itself impressive! Not only did they love you but so did their parents. You pitched it perfectly for their age group and made our party very special. Thank you!!!!”

Children's entertainer

Being a children’s entertainer is a unique job and Children’s entertainment is a unique skill, one I am lucky enough to have. I’ve spent years honing my approach and my shows so that everyone gets the maximum enjoyment all the time.

What shall we do for their party this year?

You need to book a children’s entertainer for your child’s Birthday party and you want to give them a party to remember, of course you do. So if you are looking to book a children’s entertainer in Solihull, Birmingham, Warwickshire or Oxfordshire you can breathe a sigh of relief. You are at the right place. With over 20 years of entertainment experience, a unique style and approach and with a personality most often described as being like the Pied Piper, The Fool Monty Jester can make planning your party a simple, stress-free, enjoyable and most of all memorable affair for everyone. I can offer you fantastic Children’s Birthday Party entertainments in your own home or any other venue.


What are the options?

1 hour party Who do they suit? – Mostly younger chilren between 4 and 5 years old. They are shorter, but non stop, fun packed parties that hold their shorter attention spans perfectly.

How does it work?Child friendly pop music playing as guests arrive – children given balloon game to play until all guests have arrived – balloons put away and party game played (no one is ever and I don’t give away prizes to avoid tears) then it’s onto my silly magic show with lots of joining in and participation, the Birthday child is the star of the show – party ends and children are sent for party tea. Fee: £135


Childrens entertainer - pick and mix

Think of my longer parties as a pick and mix of options to choose from to suit your child.

Who do they suit? These parties are suitable from ages 5 and over, all the way up to 10 years old.

The options you can choose from are: 

  1. Mini Circus skills * – 45 minutes of circus fun – juggling with scarves, flower sticks and spinning plates as well as walking my low level slackline. Full of participation and “I did it” moments.
  2. Mini Disco – 45 minutes of traditional disco party games and fun. Musical statues, dance competitions (just for fun), my own version of Simon Says all to a child friendly chart music soundtrack. Complete with real disco lights.
  3. Magic show – My unique, 45 minutes age appropriate magic show. Silliness with my Jesters hat, magic spells, tricks going wrong and lots of joining in for everyone. Of course the birthday child is the star of the show.

* If your children are older and would like a full circus skills party, head over to our dedicated circus skills website for more information.

How long do the parties last?

1.5 hours party: Pick any 2 of the options from above. There’s no stopping at this party. We go straight from one thing into the next for a full 1.5 hours of party fun. I suggest you save feeding children and singing happy birthday until the end of the party with this option. Fee: £165

2 hours party: Pick any 2 of the options from above. However, this is a more traditional party where we will stop after the first half for birthday tea and singing happy birthday before carrying on. Fee: £200

Children's entertainer


What happens on the day?

I get to your venue approx 30-60 minutes before any guests arrive to allow me time to set up. I like to meet the birthday child/ren so that I can tell them what will be happening during their party. After the party it takes me about 15 minutes to get all packed away and I won’t leave any mess.

If you would like more information about how I can help make your child’s Birthday party a roaring success please do get in touch today   Contact Me

But wait… if you would like your child’s party to end in truly memorable fashion like the photos below then fire breathing show is for you.

Fee: £50

The Fool Monty Jester - Children's Entertainer - Fire breatherThe Fool Monty Jester - Children's Entertainer - Fire breatherThe Fool Monty Jester - Children's Entertainer - Fire breather